2014 Keynote Speakers

Nicholas Kahn and Richard Selesnick are "a collaborative artist team who...specialize in fictitious histories set in both the past and future." (Wikipedia) The Millbrook School has developed a bond with this award winning duo and is honored to host the artists for a major exhibition in the school's Holbrook Gallery.

Annual Conference 2014

It is an exciting opportunity in which ISAIA members can take full advantage: being hosted and pampered on a member campus, while enjoying a major exhibition on the same campus.  Without the need to leave a hosting hall before a rental time comes to close, members this year will be able to even more freely bask in conversation and connection.  Set on a beautiful New York state campus, members will be treated to a variety of environment delights: studio tours, impromptu discipline-specific/site-specific conversations, cuisine from the dining services made specially for the event and of course the keynote speakers in the very exhibition that will Open in conjunction with ISAIA conference.

Fri., Dec. 5, 2014

The conference enjoys a tradition of meeting during the first Friday in the month of December. Our Speakers have confirmed this date. They will present information about their career before treating ISAIA members to the Opening of their latest exhibition in the school's gallery.

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